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Royal Christmas is judged at Trustpilot on its service and quality.

Royal Christmas has made ​​thousands of customers happy with her collection of artificial Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, etc. Customers can visit the website Trustpilot: and leave a review about the service, delivery or quality of the articles. Last year, more than 2.300 customers left a review, with the average rating of a 9.3.

Every day there are new reviews. The team at Royal Christmas uses these reviews to improve problems about its service or quality.
The team at RC hopes that we satisfy every customer with the items they have ordered.

See below chart with the reviews in 2016:

Trustpilot Reviews Year 2013

Royal Christmas introduces the Christmas tree storage cover! - Winschoten, September 27 2013

Royal Christmas has introduced a Christmas tree storage cover. With this storage cover you can easily store your tree in the basement or attic without breaking it off. You don't have to break off your artificial Christmas tree with this storage bag!

Here are some pictures. This case can be used to protect against dirt and damage and it is ideal in use. The storage cover is of high quality and provides the ultimate protection for you tree. The cover is suitable for all kinds of Christmas trees. It is available in different sizes and fits every tree!
Royal Christmas - storage bag


Royal Christmas Artificial Christmas trees. - Winschoten, September 27 2013

Royal Christmas has over 200 different Christmas trees. These trees have differences in size, quality, material and price. We have a promo line, a Premium line and  Deluxe line. The difference between these three are the price and the material.

The promo line is mainly about the value and the money and is the cheapest. This is mainly made of PVC. The promo line is popular because you have a beautiful tree of good quality for a good price. Good price = good quality. The forms of this tree are like that of real pine trees. The branches are brown in the middle and the green needles are light green dots. The trees are less crowded than the other lines.

The Premium line is a little more expensive and is mainly made ​​of PVC and PP. This line is slightly more expensive than the promo line. These trees are made of high quality material. This gives the tree a realistic view, because the branches and needles in the vicinity of the stem, are made of PVC and PE / PVC. These trees are sold well in the collection of Royal Christmas.

The Deluxe line is the most expensive and is mainly made of PE. This material provides the most 'natural' look. This line is also very popular. These trees are extra wide at the bottom with a strong resemblance to a real tree. They are made of high quality material called PVC and PE. This line also has some trees made from 100% PE. The trees have a strong steel center pole, and the stainless steel cores in each support many of the decorations. You just need to hang the branches and the tree is ready! The Deluxe line is our highest quality line and loved by many of our customers.
Royal Christmas - artificial Christmas trees

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2013, new year, new articles.

New in our assortment:  

Also this year a lot of new Christmas items in the assortment like the Auckland, a beautiful tree perfect for decoration. The tree is made of PE material mixed with PVC.

-          Iowa Deluxe, a very natural tree. Brown branches and green needles

-          Dakota, a top tree for a very competitive price, the tree is made of high quality PVC material

-          Oregon / Washington Deluxe with LED lights, beautiful luxury tree with integrated LED lighting.

-          Utah 300 and 360 cm, a stunning stylish large tree made ​​of PVC material

-          Flock tree, beautiful and full model with snowy branches made of high quality material.

-          White Christmas tree: trendy for shops and businesses and of course for in the living room

-          1 minute tree standard: you never have to expand your Christmas tree, the branches open by itselves! This tree is ready in just 1 minute!



Behind new Christmas trees we also have new Christmas balls: the Christmas baubles / balls mix, a box with 12 balls including 8 balls of 60mm and 4 balls of 80mm. This package contains baubles: matt, matt with glitter, shiny and shiny with glitter. Unique, because it’s a mix package including all kinds of Christmas balls.

Also Royal Christmas has the standard baubles of 60mm. 12 Christmas balls in shiny or matt in different colors.



A complete assortment of 6 different kinds of garlands: snowy garlands, garlands with LED lights, for in- and outside, and the standard garland. Royal Christmas sells also mini trees, wreaths and garlands with battery light. These batteries will take 30 days of non-stop lighting. Very onvenient for the Christmas period and you will have no more trouble with cables!



If you are irritated again, each Christmas period to the stable base, we do have the solution! Royal Christmas sells beautiful baskets for under your Christmas tree.

We also sell beautiful skirts for under the Christmas tree. The silky skirts are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree and are available in different types.


Trend 2: colored trees and flock trees
Royal Christmas has also trendy colored trees in the assortment, for example colors white and black. These colors are very suitable for companies or shops. These colors are also more and more purchased for home use.

The flock tree is a snowy Christmas tree. You do not need to buy a spray of snow, this Christmas tree is already provided with it. The flock tree is also available with integrated lighting.


Trend 3: 1 minute tree, built up in just 1 minute!
The 1 Minute tree is developed by Dennis Veldpape. The effort of this tree is that it will be set up in just 1 minute. How is this possible? The branches don’t need to be expanded and jump open by itselves. Your tree stands in 1 minute. Royal Christmas sells the 1 minute tree in different models, also with integrated LED lighting!


Complete package
The complete packages saves you a lot of time, costs and effort. You can easily set up your tree with matching items / Christmas balls and lighting. We offer 2 different packages:

-          The complete package Standard, this packages consists: Christmas tree + Christmas balls + lighting

-          The complete package Deluxe, this package consists: Christmas tree + Chrsitmas balls + lighting + extra glitter decoration.


Other items:
Royal Christmas sells lighting for in- and outside use, connectable lighting, a trendy light curtain or LED lighting.


LED Battery items
Are you also tired of cables at your Christmas products? Royal Christmas has several Christmas items on battery.
The battery lasts 30 days, long enough for the Christmas period, and you havo no more trouble with the cables.

Royal Christmas presents: 1 minute tree

Royal Christmas producer and market leader in the field of artificial Christmas trees, developed the 1 minute tree.

The unique feature of this artificial Christmas tree is that the tree pops open and is ready for decorating within 1 minute. The artificial Christmas tree consists of three parts that you simply put together. The branches open automatically. After Christmas the tree can be put stored back in the box within 1 minute.

The 1 Minute tree is a revolution in the field of artificial Christmas trees. The 1 Minute tree system will be the standard for future artificial Christmas trees. Actually, this tree was initially meant for the decoration companies. They have to decorate many trees in a very short period. With the 1 Minute system they will save a huge amount of time.

The 1 Minute tree is available in different models in the sizes: 120 cm to 270 cm
The 1 Minute tree is available at:

- Christmas Shops, garden centres and DIY.

1 Minute Tree

Press Release Christmas Trends for 2013

Royal Christmas producer of Christmas articles describes the trends for 2013:

PTo give the Christmas atmosphere further expression, there will be more and more use of lighting for both indoor and outdoor. The Christmas wreaths, garlands and Christmas trees with Christmas lights will determine the next few years longer preside.

In terms of colours you see next to standard colours: red, gold and silver trend colours: Blue and Orange. The white and black colours are on their return.

PE artificial Christmas trees: after about 35 years of PVC artificial Christmas tree the trend for 2013 is the PE artificial Christmas tree. These artificial Christmas trees have moulded branches which are almost a copy of a real branch! The most luxury trees have PE branches with integrated LED light sets.

an example of the PE artificial Christmas tree.

Press Release

More than the halve of the Dutch households have artificial Christmas trees.
Royal Christmas producer of artificial Christmas trees gives her vision: Why people massively go to artificial Christmas trees and yearly so many new models are sold.

In recent years, the quality of the materials are changed and improved. The traditional artificial Christmas trees were only made of PVC. The new models are manufactured with moulded branches which are almost a copy of a real branch. Prelit trees are also coming more in demand, the most luxury trees are made of 100%PE material with integrated LED light sets. Also very popular is the 1 minute tree system for these trees you don’t need to unfold any branch they just pop open when taking the parts out of the box. This tree total built up takes less than 1 minute.

Benefits of an artificial Christmas tree:

- easy in use
- can be used for many years
- better quality
- looks very beautiful and full
- flame retardant
- no needles on the ground
- waste reduction
- time saver (1 minute tree)
- real trees getting chopped every year







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